Avana Harbour

Avana desde el avion
The four little islands of Muri Lagoon that ends at Avana Harbor.

Avana is located at the end of Muri Lagoon. It is very close to shops and activities which are located in Muri Village, just about twenty minutes walking.

Muri is the most touristic Village in Rarotonga where you can find all sorts of restaurants, sea and mountain activities, post office, shops and the most popular outdoor local food court, Muri Night Market.


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A couple of minutes from our holiday rental you will find the Makatea, the limestone shore.



Right at the corner on left side of Avana there is a special environment, just a couple of minutes walking from Kaireva Beach House, the Makatea.

There is also two “Marae” or sacred old places where local chiefs use to meet and discuss family and land matters.



Muri Lagoon

In the crystal turquoise waters of the lagoon, life is abundant in colored fish swimming around corals. No worries about the snorkel gears, we have five lots of them at the house for you to enjoy also the underwater tremendous views!

Rarotonga island

Rarotonga is the capital island. It is 32 km round, which covers the main road. I like to say it is a cake of mountains surrounded by yummy waters. It is all about beauty and nature.

Map of directions for guests

Rarotonga is like a ying-yang: energetic mountains but balsamic beaches, sensual dancing but vibrating drums, old traditions but modern life or WiFi underneath a centenary tree… Art, Nature, local fruits and surprising spots are scattered all around.

The Cook Islands

The Cook Islands is a paradise destination in the middle of Polynesia.

The Cook Islands are called “A necklace of pearls in the South Pacific”. Not only for its beauty but for the purity, shimmering and color, every one of the Cooks is a treasure. People here are friendly and receive the visitors with smiles and respect. You will be given a nice KIA ORANA welcome, meaning you have a happy and fulfill life.

Other islands with are highly recommended to visit are Aitutaki and Atiu. Air Rarotonga’s combo takes your Cook Islands experience to Aitutaki and Atiu in a sole tour connection.


Named as the most beautiful island in the world, Aitutaki has a huge crystal turquoise water lagoon surrounded by fifteen little islands. It is a must to visit its desert white sandy beaches, lagoon cruises, snorkel, fishing.

Among them, Aitutaki arises as the most exquisite jewel and a trip is well worthy as an extension of your travel to Rarotonga.



With a stunning wet forest, Atiu is well known for its coffee, but this little island has more to offer. Lonely and beautiful coves, tipani flowers and nice people will make your visit well worthy.


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