Experience Avana’s Lifestye

We are fully committed with this magic environment that we invite you to LIVE.

Fun activities for families and kids

One of the activities that our little and not so little guests love is to feed the giant trevallies. Robert Jr leads the group filming with his GoPro to gave a copy of it to them later on for only 20 dollars (this is the cost of the tuna head plus a contribution for his next drone). Crab catching, coco crabs spotting, whale watching, chicken hunting are among the adventures your kids can do far from tablets and phones.

Mountain lovers will enjoy many inland roads and paths of glorious peace and luscious vegetation around the neighborhood and all around the beautiful island of Rarotonga.

Another successful activities are to swim at Wigmore’s waterfalls and learn how to do fresh and natural cocomilk.

Cultural experiences to learn about the maori culture

Name of the house and the land, Kaireva is a special place where the History of the Cook Islanders has been written from thousands of years ago.

Learn about Cook Islands culture with us. Let us tell you about local stories, legends, traditions of this islands, and introduce you a bit of Polynesian and local culture, from how to husk a coconut or what salvia do we use against stings to which is the Maori super food for excellence (for only 50 dollars towards Robert Jr next drone also).


Sail the vaka, the wooden traditional Maori canoe

Nothing compares like canoeing slowly the lagoon in our small local boat, or vaka in Maori, floating just in front of the house, where the ocean meets the lagoon at the end of the harbor. It is a favorite spot for the whales to stop and jump (that is for free).

Kaireva_Beach_House_about_us_a vaka

Whales watching from the house


Delicious fresh seafood from Avana’s fichermans

Discover the wonders of local, traditional, healthy  and organic living during your stay with us.

Guests apartment is at the top floor, we live in the ground floor.

All fresh tropical fruit are within hand’s reach

Organic gardens with oranges, limes, lemons, papaya, fig trees, bananas, star fruit, rosemary, oregano, avocado, aloe vera, garlic chives, basil and more available on season.

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