Kaireva’s concept

A Holiday House at the Beach in Rarotonga to experience Avana Lifestyle & Local Culture

Maru maru welcomeThis exceptional property takes the name of the land where it is built, honoring Robert’s family’s ancestors and the history of the Cook Islands 1,200 years back when the seven Vakas left from Avana Harbor in their epic travel to New Zealand.

A Unique Eco-friendly accommodation in Rarotonga

We designed our House in Paradise to be integrated in the wonderful spot where it is located. Now we are proud to be also an environmental referent in the Cook Islands.

360º of beauty: sea, reef, mountain, motus, and tropical forest

In  front of the house you can enjoy the muri bay and the reef. In the middle, the little island of Motutapu heading the blue lagoon of Muri with the richest sea life of the island, having sting rays, giant trevallies, octopuss, birds, clams, coco crabs and so much more. Opposite to the reef, the mountains skyline just shows a postcard.

Relaxation, privacy, security

The decking in the front is divided in two areas: one is sunny and the other one is shady. You also can enjoy the direct access to the private beach.


Feeling like at home

Our aim is that you feel at home, that is why the house is well decorated with plenty of little details.

Home theater with more than 1000 movies, heaps of movies for kids and music in several languages.


Unique environment and rich sea life




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