Staying in

Guests live at the first floor with a master room in a third level to better enjoy the views!

Kaireva Beach House 13

There is one rule at home: “No walking on shoes”.
We will be grateful if  you care about our nice timber that makes the house (do not roll suitcases, watch that child, use the kitchen cutting boards).
We live in the ground floor. Private access for both. We respect your privacy and all the front of the house, the pool, the front garden, the beach are for your use.
We may cross ourselves at the back yard where our organic vegetables and fruits are or in some moments, and I will always ask you if you if we can help…


The veranda goes all around the house, connecting all the rooms.

You can help us recycling plastic, can, glass and food.
There are bins for this use at home and in the garden. Pls tide up and clean up any food in the rooms before you leave.

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