Rarotonga is the capital island. It is 32 km round, which covers the main road. I like to say it is a cake of mountains surrounded by yummy waters. It is all about beauty and nature.

Vista x Maxime Hugues

Rarotonga is a complete set like ying-yang: energetic mountains but calmed beaches, sensual dancing but vibrating drums, old traditions but modern life or WiFi underneath a centenary tree…

Although the island is peacefully and relaxing during the day, there is a stocked nightlife with a fun Partybus. A great variety of little restaurants offer quality food, though for light or late meals there is also take away. The most enjoyable traditional buffet dinner and show is called Island Night.



The island has more than one every night in different hotels and resorts.



There is also plenty of attractions to experience, like sailing, body surfing, tour cycling, kite surfing, scuba nights, horse riding, mountain trecking, progressive home dining, quad adventures, etc. etc.






Whales come to Rarotonga from July to October. They cross or stop at the end of Avana Harbour to have a rest and play for a while. Sometimes they can be seen from the house!




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